We ask that people all over the world join us in petitioning the governments of Israel and the United States to lift the siege and end the occupation. We ask that by this measure, Israel give ordinary Palestinians a chance to live a decent life and create a future for themselves and their children. This is the moral and humane thing to do. If Israel takes this step, we believe that there's a good chance its people will live in peace because responsible Palestinian leaders can, and will, effectively make the case against extremists that violence does not work. A peaceful future lies in our capacity to recognize and identify with the human being in one another.

To sign the petition, we ask that you type in your first name, last name, educational affiliation, and your email address.  After you have submitted this information you will receive an email asking to confirm your signature.  Please click on the link provided in the email response to ensure that your signature is counted.

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After submitting this petition, you will receive an email with a link that you must follow to confirm your signature.